Just Another Day in Paradise

I’d like to write a bit about my day and the joy that comes from accomplishing little tasks, from working on something until success and completion are in your grasp. I know it’s said that the only way to fail is to give up, that if you try…even if you fail to succeed at your intended goal, you haven’t really failed at all, unless you give itup. Another way some people look at this principle is that we fail forward to success. I recently read  that the success of Edison and his lightbulb invention was realized only after he tried over 3,000 filaments. One could say that Thomas Edison “failed” over 3,000 times, but he never gave up. Eventually he became famous all over the world. He was known as The Wizard of Menlo Park, and obtained 1,093 patents in his life. He is still revered worldwide because of all he did to create and facilitate our modern way of living, and is universally thought to be the most influential man of our millennium. It was Edison who said, “Opportunities are missed by most people because they are are dressed in overalls and look like work.” And possibly even more famous are his words, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Accordingly, a  ‘genius’ is often merely a talented person who has done all of his or her homework.”

So I had a couple little Edison moments today. First, and this probably seems silly to most people, but I cleaned my toaster! A simple task by most standards, but for me it was a major accomplishment. I did an excellent job which took me nearly 45 minutes. But my toaster is now sparkling again almost like brand new.I felt so good about that when I was finished.

Then, and this is not silly, on my own with a bit of  encouragement from my own self talk, I fixed four sprinkler heads that were not working! Adrian, my oldest son, has spent hours here working on my sprinkler system and teaching me the basics like how to clean the little filter that gets clogged with mud and grit. He’d be the first to tell you that my fixing four sprinkler heads is huge. Each year I get a tiny bit more competent at taking care of myself and this house and my lot of weeds and potential. Anyway, fixing those four sprinkler heads, all of which were merely clogged…fixing them without having to call my son for help was a huge ego booster. I’m still feeling the euphoric effects of that little succession of successes. It’s an incredibly motivating thing and super spirit boosting…kinda like self-therapy.

It was a great day for me…even if it did get up to 106°!!! Success begets success and success comes from trying and not quitting, from stubbornly refusing to quit until that success is yours!


About banana61547

I'm a lively, fun-loving lady with a dramatic view of life-that is, I tend to be a dramatic person. I cry at sappy commercials and at touching scenes in movies. I'm somewhat selfish with my time. Actually I've come to a place in my life where I delight in being alone, especially if I've got a good book to read or if I'm feeling particularly inspired or excited about something I'm writing. On rare occasions I miss the me I used to be, but to feel safe and comfortable surrounding myself with solitude seems to work well, and I am healing. I wasn't always such a recluse. There was a time when I loved being in the limelight hostessing a party, teaching a class, even speaking confidently to large groups of women at luncheons and retreats and such. Experiencing four frighteningly traumatic life events every other year for eight years caused my panic level to pull me back into a shell of myself. My husband died in a freak automobile accident; my father who had dementia died in my arms from skin cancer; I moved from my home of 33 years without any help, and finally I was forced out of my teaching job by a power hungry principal who got rid of one teacher a year.
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