Great Quick Summer Read

Just finished THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green…started last night before bedtime and picked it up again this afternoon to read just one more chapter, then load the dishwasher. Well…the dishes are still in the sink. But I finished the book.

What an awesome coming-of-age story about teen life, love, living with cancer, laughing with language and books.

Young Hazel meets older Augustus in a support group. He’s not like anybody she’s ever known. Quite certain a hotty like him would never go for a wallflower like her, she answers a question he asks with a complex compound sentence filled with surprising and scintillating phrases typical of a much older more sophisticated woman, and he’s intrigued immediately. She’s not sure what to think. Can she take him seriously at all?

Not your normal sappy tear-jerking  love story, Green’s linguistic twists will have you laughing out loud as you bounce along his lilting pages. The book is not a comedy, however; there’s a definite element of wisdom in both the serious and the hilarious parts of this tale. Don’t miss it!


About banana61547

I'm a lively, fun-loving lady with a dramatic view of life-that is, I tend to be a dramatic person. I cry at sappy commercials and at touching scenes in movies. I'm somewhat selfish with my time. Actually I've come to a place in my life where I delight in being alone, especially if I've got a good book to read or if I'm feeling particularly inspired or excited about something I'm writing. On rare occasions I miss the me I used to be, but to feel safe and comfortable surrounding myself with solitude seems to work well, and I am healing. I wasn't always such a recluse. There was a time when I loved being in the limelight hostessing a party, teaching a class, even speaking confidently to large groups of women at luncheons and retreats and such. Experiencing four frighteningly traumatic life events every other year for eight years caused my panic level to pull me back into a shell of myself. My husband died in a freak automobile accident; my father who had dementia died in my arms from skin cancer; I moved from my home of 33 years without any help, and finally I was forced out of my teaching job by a power hungry principal who got rid of one teacher a year.
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