Blindly Blogging

I wish I could say I’ve got this blogging thing down pat, but I still get confused logging in sometimes. Well…not really logging in, which I finally accomplished on my laptop. Problem was I’ve only ever logged in on my smartphone, and written all my blogs on it as well. I’ve been trying to switch to my PC so I am able to write faster. I do very well on the smartphone, it’s amazing to me. But it still doesn’t compare to speed I can reach on a regular keyboard. So I’m very happy to be here finally. I fear I installed some programs on my laptop that do not need to be here. Since I couldn’t seem to log in (I began trying about an hour ago), I thought maybe I needed to download WordPress onto my computer. What a disaster that was. I ended up downloading something called I have no clue where that came from, only that when I tried to install WordPress, it automatically went to

Among the many files and folders downloaded to my computer while I was stumbling around trying to get to my blog (which is all I really wanted to do in the first place so I could blog about my upcoming 9-hour drive and three-week stay with my son’s wife and their two little boys, which is a long and quite interesting story in itself) …but I’m getting ahead of myself here. Back to my downloaded files.

As I said, one of the files I found was a wordpress/readme file which has the WordPress Logo at the top, then Version 3.6 under that, and then Semantic Personal Publishing Platform which bedazzled me immediately. I can understand Personal Publishing (and that sounds inviting to me), it’s Semantic Personal Publishing that’s actually a Platform. What in the world does that mean?

But then… there’s a lovely Welcome paragraph called First Things First by Matt Mullenweg, one of the developer’s of WordPress. I’d seen him doing a presentation with a question and answer session (most of which, admittedly, I didn’t comprehend), on a video I found somewhere on my blog site just listed as I think. The video intrigued me even if most of it was way over my head. I got a much better picture in my mind of what WordPress is, what it does, and the incredible opportunities and possibilities it offers. And… the little Welcome message from Matt was very warm and personal. It made me feel almost like I know him.

But under that paragraph was instruction for installation including five very complicated steps (to me). He called it: Installation: Famous 5-minute install. I read number 1: Unzip the package in an empty directory and upload everything. My first thought was WHAT PACKAGE? and WHERE DO I FIND AN EMPTY DIRECTORY? and HELP, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!


About banana61547

I'm a lively, fun-loving lady with a dramatic view of life-that is, I tend to be a dramatic person. I cry at sappy commercials and at touching scenes in movies. I'm somewhat selfish with my time. Actually I've come to a place in my life where I delight in being alone, especially if I've got a good book to read or if I'm feeling particularly inspired or excited about something I'm writing. On rare occasions I miss the me I used to be, but to feel safe and comfortable surrounding myself with solitude seems to work well, and I am healing. I wasn't always such a recluse. There was a time when I loved being in the limelight hostessing a party, teaching a class, even speaking confidently to large groups of women at luncheons and retreats and such. Experiencing four frighteningly traumatic life events every other year for eight years caused my panic level to pull me back into a shell of myself. My husband died in a freak automobile accident; my father who had dementia died in my arms from skin cancer; I moved from my home of 33 years without any help, and finally I was forced out of my teaching job by a power hungry principal who got rid of one teacher a year.
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